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#984886 - 04/16/17 01:06 AM Re: My Riding Life [Re: Traveler1]
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Originally Posted By: Traveler1
.... I can honestly say that riding has been the center of my life; it’s given me friends and companions from all walks of life. No other life endeavor gives such a great opportunity to bond with others regardless of religion, politics, heritage or social standing.

Thor - you have in a few words described why I have found motorcycle riding to be the one activity that I have never wanted to stop doing over the past 50+ years! It's not just the pure enjoyment I have while riding a motorcycle but the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life that share in my passion for motorcycling!
Bob Smyth
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#985020 - 04/17/17 08:01 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: SoCalBmr]
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Originally Posted By: SoCalBmr
Great stuff, RPG! Do you know where Owasso MI, is? My army buddy is from there.

Absolutely. Owosso is a beautiful little town just NE of Lansing. The Vintage Bike Festival is slowly gaining in popularity too. Last year was the inaugural event and local merchant's were pretty excited. My buddy and I rode our R90s's. Even in the pouring rain, it was a great event.
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#985463 - 04/22/17 11:53 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: SoCalBmr]
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Started at 15yrs old...

1st – 1966 Suzuki 150cc Twin Model S32
2nd – 1966 Gilera 124 (124cc)
3rd - 1968 Honda CB160 (160cc)
4th – 1967 250cc Suzuki T20 (X-6 Hustler) – Really wanted the Scrambler Model!!
5th – 1968 Triumph Daytona (500cc Single Carb)
6th – 2003 Yamaha FJR 1300
7th – 2008 Triumph Bonneville America (860cc)
Present – 2004 BMW R1150RT (The ultimate touring motorcycle)
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#985478 - 04/23/17 03:37 AM Re: My Riding Life [Re: sardineone]
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Originally Posted By: sardineone
Duane what a long road to your final entry into owning a motorcycle, glad you made it! thumbsup Other than financially difficult, my first bike was almost too easy to get. Was my mom trying to get rid of me at age 16 and I didn't even realize it? grin

Likely not! But yes, I took the long road! I often say that I'm actually thankful I got a bike at 37, not 17 or 27. I am a LITTLE wiser now.

#985486 - 04/23/17 10:30 AM Re: My Riding Life [Re: Duane n Oregon]
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Started riding at 59 when I quit flying. Next best thing! Started with a Harley, had no idea there were other brands. Saw an RT at a friends house, rode it 1 block and ordered one the next day. Happened to be in baltimore on business when I saw a BMW store. Stopped in and met Paul who told me about this site. Switched to GS in '04 when the 12 first came out. Have enjoyed 12GS's since then.

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#985490 - 04/23/17 12:43 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: Marty Hill]
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" Have enjoyed 12GS's since then."

Master of understatement.

If my mind wanders, should I follow it?
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#985613 - 04/24/17 04:10 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: SoCalBmr]
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Still in shock on how I started. My brother was about 15, when Mom and Dad let him get a dirt bike, a 250 Yamaha, used of course, but it looked awesome to me! As the younger brother, of course I pestered mom and dad until they capitulated and i got my first bike. It was a 1972 Honda MT Elisnor 125. This was 1984 mind you, so this bike was far from new. I learned to ride on that thing, loved it to like crazy! It had plates on it, they came with it, but at 12 I'm pretty sure I was not legal!
I took the motorcycle safety course at 15, and the nice part of the course was at the end , I got my endorsement, so as soon as I hit 16, i got my bike license, and the same day wrote and failed my beginners car license, but rode my bike home!
Upgraded to a 1977 Honda CB400/4, love to have that bike back now!
Rode that till i moved away from home, then no bikes for about 10 years. Got back in the saddle in 2003 on a used 750 shadow, just to see if I would actually ride again. loved it, put lots of miles on it for 2 seasons.
The need was bad so i finally got my only (to date) bike. 2004 R1200c Montauk, and rode that all over the continent till i picked up a 2009 R1200Rt two seasons ago. Both Beemers live in my garage.

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#985630 - 04/24/17 06:58 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: SoCalBmr]
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Honda 450
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Yamaha SR400
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H-D 1200 Sportster
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Honda Nighthawk 750
Yamaha FJR1300

#985753 - 04/25/17 08:22 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: SoCalBmr]
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Anybody ever own an Odessa or a Matchless?
Always liked the 175cc Odessa Scrambler and the Matchless 500cc single cylinder.
2004 BMW R1150RT

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#985760 - 04/25/17 09:56 PM Re: My Riding Life [Re: Shiny Side Up]
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I had a 500 cc Matchless twin. Road it to work rain or shine for a couple of years. Wasn't too great in the rain though. It always got the mag wet when it rained. May had something to do with the plastic cover I put on it when the factory one fell off.

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