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#918790 - 01/25/15 09:47 PM Re: how to disassemble 49L top box? [Re: rottyjohn]
hefy_jefy Offline

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Hoping to get the box lid painted...
Has anyone removed the lid from 2014 topbox that has central locking, interior light and gas struts? I am guessing that the box liner has to come out to get the lid off to disconnect the struts and electrics?

#918837 - 01/26/15 04:08 AM Re: how to disassemble 49L top box? [Re: hefy_jefy]
mneblett Offline

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The colored portion lifts off without struts, etc. disassembly.

Remove the 49-gazillion screws around the inside of the trunk (including the screws securing the trim around the brake light area) and lift straight up.
Mark Neblett
Fairfax, VA

#926222 - 04/08/15 06:29 PM Re: how to disassemble 49L top box? [Re: rottyjohn]
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Thanks to all for posting, this just saved me having to buy a new top box. I overloaded mine on a trip this weekend and the left hand locking rail popped out of its tabs and the metal slide came off the plastic rail (as seen on Vini's pic four with the upper left arrow). Everyone told me it was a right off but in fact was a simple repair following this guide. Thanks Again!

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#943793 - 09/25/15 02:10 AM Re: how to disassemble 49L top box? [Re: rottyjohn]
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Any suggestions re: how to open a 49 liter to box with the push button unable to depress? It will turn fine with the key, but it simply will not push down at all...
Southern AL / NW Florida

#984388 - 04/09/17 12:57 PM Re: how to disassemble 49L top box? [Re: rottyjohn]
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I know it's been a long while since this thread was started, but I wanted to move my Skene Design P3 lights up to the top case yesterday, and this discussion made it possible.

Much thanks to Remco and Vini for the guidance!!

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