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#764908 - 03/10/12 10:21 PM Rear brake bleeder 1999 R1100RT
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Getting the bike ready for the season and I bled the front calipers without a problem. Then I began to do the rear caliper but couldn't easily loosen the rear bleed screw. ( I know, 'righty tighty - lefty loosey'.) I've never run in to a bleed screw with 'reverse' thread on it before but, before I snap it off, I thought that I'd ask what, perhaps, might be the dumbest question of the day:

Could it be a reverse thread, or should I simply pull harder on it?

#764909 - 03/10/12 10:27 PM Re: Rear brake bleeder 1999 R1100RT [Re: DD 430]
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It's a 'normal' thread, but you might want to try a good penetrating oil first (I use Kroil) because having it break off won't be fun.
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#764911 - 03/10/12 10:31 PM Re: Rear brake bleeder 1999 R1100RT [Re: DD 430]
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Afternoon DD 430

It's definitely righty tighty/lefty loosey so you were going the correct direction.

Just be careful using more torque as those bleed screws are hollow & do twist off pretty easy.

Try a bit of heat on it first, then if still no go try tapping on the top of the bleed screw with a hammer as you try opening it with the wrench on it. (this will probably trash the screw top but in a lot of cases that is the only way).

Just remember it is much easier to work on it & remove if you DON'T twist it off so stop short of applying so much force you twist it off.
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