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#718503 - 08/12/11 04:16 PM Re: It did happen! [Re: SSTwin]
Kinsley Offline

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We were all smiling...must have been something you said.

It was great to see you guys again.

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#718514 - 08/12/11 04:52 PM Re: It did happen! [Re: Kinsley]
Highway41 Offline

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Home about an hour ago. Thanks Shawn and Matt and especially Dianne's Mom for her cookies.
Great location, great riding, great views, great time.
And the rear tire held out in spite of Bernie's best efforts.
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#718533 - 08/12/11 06:11 PM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
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Bill and I left Ths but didn't get back to Wilmington until about 1:30 this morning. We went south from LS yesterday and got a late lunch in Smyrna after finding a few more mile of twisties. Easy run back this morning and even cool compare to the past couple weeks.

Great event- the location was about as perfect as you can get and well away from the lowland heat. The gps files and info package are bits of organizing class that set this rally above many other but the crew that attends is what makes it.

And +1 for those cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones.

#718540 - 08/12/11 06:53 PM Re: It did happen! [Re: racer7]
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In the hangar at 14:30 today, final drive is making some expensive sounding noises at 42K miles. Matt, Shaun, Ken and Craig thanks again for a great time. Great to see old friends and meet some new people.
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#718546 - 08/12/11 07:18 PM Re: It did happen! [Re: ltljohn]
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Still on the road for another two weeks with Katherine, but we have to add our thanks to Matt and Shawn and all the others as well. It was a fantastic area to ride in and the location was ideal with warm days and cool nights. The Inn was quote nice and enjoyed the food. We and friends consumed their entire supply of Prosecco; they had to order a special case to keep up. It was all good. Thanks again for all the hard work. It was much appreciated.

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#718610 - 08/13/11 12:20 AM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
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Made it home at 6pm Friday with the temp at 99 as I pulled into the crescent city. Tom and I stayed an extra day and ran the SW261 route which was OUTSTANDING. Glad we stayed for that, thanks for the advice, Ken.

An excellent rally all around, thanks aren't enough for Matt, Shawn, Ken and Craig, they did an great job.

Dave C
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#718618 - 08/13/11 01:03 AM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
Angel Offline

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Another late entry,
Made it into the hanger at 6:15 pm
Great return day riding north on the parkway with Paul.
No traffic, great weather. Breakfast in Sparta, then back on the parkway to fancy gap where we got on 77 to north to 81. Most of the rest of the day was spent slabbing it north until we hit accident related traffic on 81. The slight detour took us away from the intended route, but we made the best of it.
I had a great time seeing old friends a making new ones.
Angel Ilarraza
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#718626 - 08/13/11 01:47 AM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
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Got the Concurs delivered to it's new home Thursday and stayed at my daughters house.

Grandson ferried me home today by 3:00; Ahhhh, air conditioned four wheelers have their place.

Great time and thanks for putting on such a well organized event.

Maybe I have broken my falling down curse on the way to events.

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#718650 - 08/13/11 03:08 AM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
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Waste No Curve

#718651 - 08/13/11 03:12 AM Re: It did happen! [Re: TEWKS]
HandyAndy Offline

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Kristina and I made it home by 8:30 this evening!
Had a great ride back to where we left the van.
I think I was slowing Kris down! We went up I77 for a while and the KLR was getting bounced around by the wind that 65mph was about as fast as I could go comfortably. Her little 250 hummed along dead straight at 70mph for a couple hours with no problems! I could hear her singing all the way through the intercom!!

The smile says it all!

Shawn & Matt, Thanks for a job well done once again!
Kristina really enjoyed herself dispite having to put up with all us OLD Folk!

Here are a few more pictures from the Un.

The Ice Cream Social was a big hit!

Has Richard found a replacement for that troublesome GT?
Well he is smiling!

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